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You know the struggle. Hours spent sitting through local government meetings, often filled with technicalities or repetitive points. It's a time-consuming black hole, draining your resources and keeping you from informing your community.

See Gov is here to change that. Our platform empowers journalists and civic content creators like you to quickly and easily cover your local government, focusing on sharing what matters most.

How We Help

AI-powered efficiency: No more sitting through hours of video. See Gov uses AI to break down local government meetings into key moments, making it easier to understand what happens and when, saving you precious time.

Smart filtering: Skip the mundane. Our AI predicts the relevance of each moment, allowing you to choose what matters and avoid the irrelevant.

Automated notes: Focus on the message, not the typing. See Gov transcribes meetings and generates editable notes, providing a foundation for your reports.

Seamless publishing: Export clips for your preferred editor or publish a full report directly from See Gov, complete with your insights and context.

Alerts and searching: Get alerted when specific topics are discussed and easily search through many meetings to find quotes for your reports. (coming soon)

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