In This Video
  • Mayor Buscher introduces the ordinance to acquire property for the Springfield Community Access Project 
  • The Corporation Counsel describes a proposed amendment that affects how payments would be made. 
  • Alderwoman Conley raises a concern about the change to the rules. 
  • Corporation Counsel explains the standard process and how this would differ. 
  • The attorney for the project explains why they believe this is a safe approach. 
  • Alderman Redpath raises explains why the rules were put in place and why he won't support a change. 
  • Alderwoman Notariano indicates that this doesn't seem controversial. 
  • Alderwoman Conley expresses concerns about changing established procedures for project funding through escrow accounts without a standard review process, emphasizing the need for research and expert advice before making such changes. 
  • Alderman Hanauer reflects on the importance of adhering to established processes and rules, citing past examples where deviations were not made even for projects with significant support, underscoring the need for consistency and fairness. 
  • Alderwoman Notariano passionately expresses her support, focusing on the community's needs and the project's special nature. 
  • Alderman Redpath again highlights the importance of taxpayer protection and adherence to rules. 
  • Alderman Williams expresses frustration over perceived inconsistencies in the city's application of rules, questioning past decisions and advocating for fairness in supporting nonprofit initiatives. 
  • Alderman Gregory proposes to strike specific language from the amendment related to escrow, aiming to simplify the process for the nonprofit's project funding. 
  • Mayor Buscher suggests amending the amendment to ensure proper procedure for the transfer of funds, with Director Yazel and Alderman Gregory discussing the specifics of the amendment. 
  • Alderman Hanauer and the Mayor agree that there's need to clarify the process going forward. 
  • Vote on the amendment to the amendment, with Clerk Lesko conducting a roll call and announcing the passage of the amendment. 
  • Final voting on the ordinance. 
Springfield City Council
March 5, 2024 Meeting

Emotions run high as the council debates a new approach to help The Springfield Project, a non-profit, acquire property on the east side. Stay tuned for the surprise ending.

14mins of 1hr 32min meeting