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  • The applicant's attorney presents the Aura 751 project which is seeking annexation. The Planning Commission recommended it be denied. Since then, the applicant made some additional commitments. 
  • Nathan Jennis echoes Andrea's concerns and adds some around school overcrowding, apartments vs. other housing, and who the project benefits. 
  • Rebecca Ives, a resident and real estate agent, opposes the development for increasing traffic and not meeting the housing needs of Durham. 
  • The project's attorney and Earl Llewellyn respond to concerns raised, emphasizing the local nature of the development team and addressing traffic and environmental commitments. 
  • Council Member Caballero expresses support for the development, citing the need for diversity and affordable housing in the area. 
  • Council Member Baker comments on the development's alignment with the comprehensive plan and expresses concerns about the potential for auto-centric development despite the inclusion of green building standards and some connectivity improvements. 
  • Council Member Rist shares his support for the project, citing improvements made since the Planning Commission vote. 
  • Council Member Rist shares his support for the project, citing improvements made since the Planning Commission vote. 
  • Council Member Middleton on traffic concerns and the need for rental property throughout the city. He shares his support. 
  • Mayor Williams speaks to the importance of responding to housing needs at all levels to accommodate community growth and incoming residents. 
  • The council votes on the annexation, concluding with unanimous approval. 
Durham City Council
April 1, 2024 Meeting

The council focused on Aura 751, a project the Planning Commission recommended be denied. Listen to what's changed since then, why nearby residents remain concerned, and what the council members think.

23mins of 3hr 7min meeting

Original Meeting

YouTube Notes

0:00 Stream starts

1:41 Open

2:15 Call to Order

2:32 Moment of Silent Meditation

2:50 Pledge of Allegiance

3:16 Roll Call

3:53 Ceremonial Item - Fair Housing Month Proclamation

7:05 Ceremonial Item - National Community Development Week Proclamation

12:19 Ceremonial Item - International Women’s Day Proclamation

16:15 Announcements by Council

26:52 Recognition - NC Central University Cohort: Students in Public Service

31:22 Priority Items by the City Manager, City Attorney and City Clerk

32:02 Consent Agenda (Agenda Items 1 - 9 & 11 - 18) (passes unanimously)

Pulled Items

36:04 11. Revised Ordinance, Sunset Extension and Policy For the Equal Business Opportunity Program (EBOP) (passes unanimously)

Public Hearings

45:03 20. Consolidated Annexation – Aura 751 (passes unanimously)

1:58:09 Break / Recess

2:09:28 22. Consolidated Annexation – 1324 Bungalow Ave (passes unanimously)

2:13:42 21. Consolidated Annexation – Leigh Valley (continued to September 3, 2024)

3:04:08 Other Matters

3:06:24 Adjournment

Welcome to the Durham City Council meeting for April 1, 2024.

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